Transaction Services

Due Diligence Advisory Services
Over the course of years, we have refined our diligence methodology so that it is efficient and user-friendly. Yet, our deliverables are sophisticated and incisive. They succinctly highlight the target’s strengths and shortcomings, financial prospects (both CapEx and OpEx), business risks, and opportunities for improvement. We perform the following types of diligence:
  • Information Technology
  • Business Risk
  • Operating and Financial Controls
Exit Support Services
Our exit support services have a single objective – helping you achieve the highest valuation possible. There are several areas where we can help achieve this objective:
  • Documentation Assembly and Preparation
  • Operational Controls Assessment and Remediation
Relevant Team Qualifications
The Camber team has completed over one hundred due diligence assignments from small add-ons to large acquisitions, in industries ranging from business services to manufacturing.

Representative clients include:
Industrial Growth Partners
Norwest Equity Partners
Palladian Capital Partners